It Was The First Big Site Where Archeology Became An Issue Because Of New Environmental Laws, And It Proved There Was Archeology In Lower Manhattan.

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It was part of the Columbia University Field School and nobody was doing anything with the material. I truly agonized over this site and whether I should study it, thinking that I’m Staten island commercial contractor not a historian. But I did it–it intrigued me and I love history. So I became a historical archeologist Home improvement Staten Island and when I finished my dissertation I got a job instantly in New York. This was when archeology was happening in New York City. Tell me about that time, when archeology was happening in New York. Joan: In the late 1970s, there was a site in Staten island home renovations Manhattan known as the State House site. I was still in graduate school then. It was the first big site where archeology became an issue because of new environmental laws, and it proved there was archeology in Lower Manhattan. People thought, “how could there be anything left with all the building gone on?” Well, it turned out there was a lot left.

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